Jaye Dub Pre-AFC 2

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Jaye Dub Pre-AFC 2

Post  Jaye Dub on Mon Jul 07, 2008 3:50 pm

Interviewer: I'm here with AFC lightweight Jaye Dub here who is training to fight Victor Gillean. Victor showed a good overall game in his first fight Jaye, what do you think about him as a fighter?
Jaye Dub: Tough wrestler with some boxing skills. He has good clinch and takedown abilities as well as decent ground and pound. He will go far in MMA.

Interviewer: How do you plan on beating this guy?
Jaye Dub: He's a strong guy so I've been hitting the weights. I feel like he is slow which will help me. I am going to try to outslug him and if that doesn't work I'll take him to the ground. He's only dominant from top position and even if he gets me down I feel I'll be able to defend well and either submit or outwrestle him.

Interviewer: Do you feel Victor is a tougher opponent than Taylor?
Jaye Dub: I don't know they both seem good. I think I have just what it takes to beat both of them.

Interviewer: We haven't seen you use takedowns in a long time. You took Taylor down in your last fight, do you think you might try that again?
Jaye Dub: I don't train takedowns because I feel it is a waste of time. If I get tooken or knocked down I feel I can do well from the bottom. I am just fine standing up or on the bottom, so why train takedowns if you don't need em? I might try it again if I think that's my best chance but like I said I don't train takedowns.

Interviewer: Your boxing did not look up to par against Taylor. He rocked you with an uppercut that knocked you down. What happened?
Jaye Dub: He just hit me hard enough to make me fall down. I recovered like I usually do. I have been rocked in many fights and it just doesn't bother me. I think I might even fight better that way. I rely mainly on my boxing so I doubt there is anything wrong there, I just got caught against a good kickboxer. It happens.
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