"TKO" Talks about AFC 1

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"TKO" Talks about AFC 1

Post  Spaz on Thu Jul 03, 2008 3:57 pm

Reporter: I am here with a very excited Josh Tiko just coming off of a submission win at AFC 1. How do you feel Josh?

Josh Tiko: I am extremely happy right now, but also really tired. Latham was a tougher opponent than I thought he was going to be.

Reporter: What was going through your mind during the fight?

Josh Tiko: Well after the first round I was surprised that I was unable to finish him. And after the second round I was surprised that I could not take him down. So in the third round I came out frustrated and told myself I was not going to let this go to the judges and I finally finished it with a choke.

Reporter: What did you think of the other fights?

Josh Tiko: There were some great fights tonight. Both Wathutsawitz and Steroid surprised me with their skill level so I will have to come 100% whenever I get a chance to fight them.

Reporter: You also had 2 students from The Lethal Dragon fighting on this card what did you think of their performances?

Josh Tiko: Rex Williams showcased his skills really well and got a quick submission. And Keith Kimber did not fight to his ability but I know this will only make him train harder and come back better so overall I was proud of The Lethal Dragon's success.

Reporter: Is there any opponents you would like to challenge next?

Josh Tiko: It doesn't matter to me. I will fight anyone that gets in the cage with me.

Reporter: Thank you for your time.

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