Predictions for AFC 1

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Predictions for AFC 1

Post  colm murphy on Wed Jul 02, 2008 3:36 pm

Well tomorrow is AFC 1 and i thot i would give my predictions on the winners of all the fights. these will most likely will not be too accurate as i do not know all these fighters yet.

Keith Kimber vs Prem Boonyaratglin
Keith Kimber by submission

“Vicious” Victor Gillean vs Roger Arroyo
Victor Gillean by TKO/KO

John "Uncontrollable" Bowling vs Guile Gracie
John Bowling by TKO/KO

Josh "TKO" Tiko vs Jeremy “The Hooligan” Latham
Jeremy Latham

Stephen Floyd vs Jason Steroid
Stephen Floyd by TKO/KO

Jesse "Ninjamonkey" Harris vs Johnson Wathutsawitz
Jesse Harris by TKO/KO (i see both being weak fighters)

Steven Douglas vs Colm Murphy
Colm Murphy by sub

Benny Grogen vs Mike Alarcon
Mike Alaron by Tko/KO

Rex Williams vs Terrance Reaume
Rex Williams by sub or ground strikes

Jaye Dub vs Jay "Bioshock" Taylor
Jaye Dub i have been in leagues with both of them and both have shown me good but i give it to Jaye Dub

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