The Injury Rule

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The Injury Rule

Post  Admin on Tue Jul 01, 2008 4:35 pm

Here is the new rule for injuries:

Serious injuries would remove you for a period of time however you can voluntarily come back a week early with a penalty of -1 skill point (for fighting injured) For example the first time you have a severe injury you are out two weeks, the second time the same serious injury occurs you are out three weeks, and every time it occurs after that you are out four weeks. But there will always be the option to come back a week early for a voluntary minus 1 of a certain skill.

Types of serious injuries:
broken arm/hand-loss of punch stat
broken leg/foot-loss of kick stat
broken jaw/nose-loss of Tough stat
broken ribs-loss of Condition stat
broken upper body- loss of Strength stat
broken lower body- loss of Speed stat

Reminder: bruised/dislocation/other minor injury-no stat loss and do not have to take a break to recover
Also once your fighter recovers from the injury the point that he lost will be back to normal.


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