The Job of a trainer

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The Job of a trainer

Post  Admin on Thu Jun 12, 2008 2:52 pm

The benefit of becoming a trainer and owning your own gym is not just that it gets you more involved in the game but it is also a great investment. Think about it, once you have all the equipment then all the money you get from fighters training goes straight to your pocket. But hopefully the reason your becoming a trainer is not because you want to be the richest guy in the game but instead that you want to help inexperienced fighters come up with strategies. Your job as a trainer is to make the right training and fighting strategies for each of your fighters.

Here are the few rules trainers must abide by:
1. There can only be 5 fighters at max working in your gym.
2. You can only get a loan from the Admin.
3. There cannot be co-owners.
4. You must buy the lower equipment in order to buy the higher equipment
EX: You must have the amateur workout room before you can buy the professional workout room.
5. If you receive a loan from the Admin it can only be used to buy equipment, not to buy stats.


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