FBI Report on "The Hooligan"

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FBI Report on "The Hooligan"

Post  Hooligan on Fri Jun 20, 2008 7:56 am

Name: Latham, Jeremy
Alias: Hooligan
Birthplace: Chicago, IL
Weight: 220
Height: 6’2

Born into a small, poor blue-collar Irish neighborhood on Chicago’s southside, Latham earned a reputation as a bare-knuckle brawler and knife-fighter to be reckoned with.
It was here Latham was recruited into, and eventually rose to the top rank of Commander in what the FBI calls the Unknown Assassins criminal group. According to a recent FBI report, the UAs are a small group of ruthless mercenaries who engage in arms dealing and muscle/murder for hire.

Very little else is known of Latham’s origins, but most security agencies agree that he must have been born to Irish immigrants from war torn Belfast.
In their history, the Unknown Assassins began in the late 1800’s as small scattered Chicago area groups structured around Irish families and neighborhoods. Later, realizing their potential, an individual only known as Ainu developed these groups into a more martial hierarchy. He was able to organize them and train these small bands in martial arts and weaponry to protect their areas against outside gangs and thieves.
The UAs would have many rules, and keeping the clan a secret as well as the leaders who gave them their orders would have been one of the most important ones. But recently FBI operatives were able to illegally wire tap the phones in UA strongholds and dojos where they learned of Latham’s role in the organization. Because of police pressure Latham has since stepped away from his day to day activities of the Unknown Assassins and has entered the world of mix martial arts competition.

When asked about Latham’s mma experience an undercover FBI agent said “When Latham enters a fight, on the street or in a ring, he’s known to be in it until the bitter end. He’s a master of obscure martial art skills passed down to him from the Idaten clan, and when he fights it’s like a razor-toothed shark in a feeding frenzy. Win or loose, Latham has one goal, and that’s to hurt people.”

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