"TKO" Ready to Debut

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"TKO" Ready to Debut

Post  Spaz on Thu Jun 19, 2008 6:20 pm

Reporter: I am here with Josh "TKO" Tiko who is getting ready for his first amateur fight in the AFC. Tell me Josh how is training going?

Josh Tiko: Training is going really well. I just opened a brand new gym and I am adjusting to the changes but I will be ready by fight time.

Reporter: Speaking of your gym, do you have any fresh talent coming out of The Lethal Dragon?

Josh Tiko: Yeah, right now I am training Keith Kimber who is a LW with an unlimited amount of potential. The guy is a beast when it comes to the ground, and his striking will come along eventually.

Reporter: It sounds like you enjoy training fighters.

Josh Tiko: Yeah I love it man. I am just going to try and help them as much as I can.

Reporter: So you have a fight coming up against Jeremy “The Hooligan” Latham. What are your thoughts about this fight?

Josh Tiko: I am really looking forward to this fight. I think that Jeremy and I are the only ones in our division that are well-rounded and I think that is why this is going to be a great fight.

Reporter: Sounds like you have a great amount of respect for him?

Josh Tiko: Oh yeah. I respect him and his skills and that is why I am coming prepared for this fight. After the fight is over though I invite him to come train with my team because I see him as being a great training partner.

Reporter: Well thank you for your time and is there anything else you would like to say?

Josh Tiko: I just want to say thank you to all my fans supporting me and I would also like to encourage fighters to come train over at The Lethal Dragon to improve their fighting skills.

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