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Interview with the Champ

Post  Spaz on Wed Aug 06, 2008 2:42 pm

Reporter: I am here with the first HW champ in ECL, Josh "TKO" Tiko. So Josh, how has your life changed after winning your belt?
Josh Tiko: Well nothing really has changed that much. My life is still all about training, but now there is just a gold belt in the gym.

Reporter: So you have your belt in the Lethal Dragon gym?
Josh Tiko: Of course, I try to use it to motivate my fighters.

Reporter: Can you tell us about the progress of your fighters?
Josh Tiko: Well John Bowling was very disappointed with his loss to Murphy for the belt, so we are going to put him back in the AFC for a while to get his confidence back up. And from what I hear Terry Barrnett is retiring which I find very disappointing because he is so young and he has a bright future in the sport but he has to do what he feels is best.

Reporter: Let's talk about your fight at ECL 1. What were your thoughts about your fight and your opponent Joe Corleto?
Josh Tiko: Well I obviously was happy with my performance, finished it as quickly as possible. And I think Joe Corleto is a very tough opponent who has a bright future in MMA. He just needs to get some experience and then I know that we will face each other again down the road.

Reporter: Well your first title defense is going to be at ECL 2, can you let us know who your opponent is going to be?
Josh Tiko: I wish I knew but it doesn't matter because whoever the owner wants me to fight I will fight.

Reporter: Other than yourself or your teammates who are your favorite fighters to watch?
Josh Tiko: I would have to say Victor Gillean because of his ground and pound, Jaye Dub because of how well-rounded he is and Jason Steroid because how fast and exciting his fights are.

Reporter: Well that is it, is there anything you would like to say to the viewers?
Josh Tiko: Yes I would like to say thanks to all my fans for supporting me and I would also like to invite any up and coming fighter to contact me and I will get you training like a champion in the Lethal Dragons.

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