BLF 1 Payouts/Awards

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BLF 1 Payouts/Awards

Post  victorgillean on Tue Aug 05, 2008 4:53 am

All fighters receive $5,000 for fighting.

Denny, Robinson, Reaume, Gracie, and Steroid all take a $5,000 winners purse.

$5,000 for KO/TKO of the night goes to Jason Steroid for Showing his pure power by sending Kash to the ground with a Jab and quickly taking advantage of the Barely legal rules and ending it with a series of savage head butts to get the win.

$5,000 Sub of the night goes to Terrance Reaume for luring Booneyaratglin in with a clinch to take advantage with a Guillotine choke cause him to pass out before he even had a chance to tap.

$10,000 Fight of the Night goes to Robinson and Lumbert for putting on one hell of a show. Each fighter will receive $5,000.

Last but not least the Fighter that prevailed through it all to get $5,000 is Denny. Who even after a bruised rib, getting his eye gouged, and getting kicked in the groin, adapted quickly to the anything goes rules and managed to pull out a victory.

Final Payouts
Denny: $15,000
Whitson: $5,000
Robinson: $15,000
Lumbert: $10,000
Booneyaratglin: $5,000
Reaume: $15,000 BLF LW title
Gracie: $10,000 BLF MW title
Alarcon: $5,000
Steroid: $15,000 BLF HW title
Kash: $5,000
(BLF has only used $95,000 of the allotted $100,000)


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