"TKO" Prepares for Pro Debut

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"TKO" Prepares for Pro Debut

Post  Spaz on Mon Jul 28, 2008 11:55 am

Reporter: I am here with the submission specialist Josh "TKO" Tiko. How is training coming along for your first professional MMA fight?
Josh Tiko: I have done everything I can in the gym, now I have to do it in the cage.

Reporter: As of now you are ranked #1 HW in MMA Cage Wars, does this put extra pressure on you?
Josh Tiko: The extra pressure is no big deal to me, but being ranked #1 definitely puts a target on my back that makes every HW want to fight me now.

Reporter: And the first one to get that opportunity is Joe Corleto. What are your thoughts about him as a fighter?
Josh Tiko: Well I think he is a talented and very dangerous fighter. We have the same strengths and same weaknesses so it will be an interesting fight. I think my experience and my size will be the deciding factors in this fight though.

Reporter: This fight is for the ECL HW Title which means 5 5 minute rounds. Are you prepared for that?
Josh Tiko: I am prepared for the fight to go anywhere, let's have a war! All I know is that I plan on doing whatever it takes to bring that belt back to The Lethal Dragons.

Reporter: Speaking of your gym how are things going down there?
Josh Tiko: Well we had some major problems a little while ago by having 3 members leave but now I feel happy with the team we have going right now.

Reporter: Both your fighters are going to be on the ECL 1 card as well, what are your thoughts on their fights?
Josh Tiko: Well Terry Barnett is very disappointed in his last loss against Gillean, so I know he is going to come out hungry and he is definitely going to be showcasing his ground and pound. And John Bowling is the underdog for the ECL MW Title against Colm Murphy but I know he is bringing the belt home. If you look at John Bowling's record he has had great success against grapplers so I don't see how this fight is going to be any different.

Reporter: Thank you for your time.

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