Jaye Dub's Ranks #3

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Jaye Dub's Ranks #3

Post  Jaye Dub on Sat Jul 26, 2008 11:47 pm


#1 Victor Gillean (4-0-0)
With TKO victories over the cream in the crop in the LW division (Dub, Barnett, Williams), Gillean is proving how dominant of a fighter he is. He has showed weakness however. He was getting pounded on the groud by Barnett and cracked on the feet by Dub. But in both fights he overcame and ended up getting the fight to where he wanted it and pounding out his opponent. While he's got some great skills, it's only a matter of time until he meets a striker with takedown defense or a ground fighter who can outwresle him. Right now Dub is probably his biggest threat, posing threats in the stand up and on the ground with his submissions.

#2 Jaye Dub (3-1-0)
While Dub hasn't quite beaten any top opponents, he's proven he has lethal stand up and submission abilties that can end the fight at any moment. If he gets a rematch with Victor he might want to try and get on top of Gillean where the ground strikes won't be as lethal. Standing is a good option but he doesn't have the takedown defense to prevent another TKO loss like the one before. His next fight is against Rex Williams, and it will be a tough match up for him. Either he will end it quickly with a knock out or we will see how good his Jiu Jitsu really is.

#3 Rex Williams (3-1-0)
Rex is still a very big threat to anyone in the Lightweight division with his lethal ground work. His submissions have gained him three victories and in some of his fights he has showed some stand up abilities. His next fight is against Dub and it will be a big test for him. It could be a good match up however because Dub doesn't have a takedown defense and it appears Rex is the better ground fighter. The question is can he takedown/submit Dub before Dub knocks him out standing? We might get to see just how good Rex is standing in this fight.

#4 Terry Barnett (1-1-0)
This man almost did what no other could in defeating Victor Gillean. In fact, he out wrestled Gillean and almost put his lights out until he went for a submission attempt and go caught. He was knocked out from top position, but that just goes to show how good Gillean's power is. Barnett really has the tools to beat Gillean though, and we saw that. If he can do the same thing in his next fight and keep using punches, he will beat Victor by TKO. A little more training and he will have no problem doing that. But first it would be nice to see him move up the ranks. Matches against Williams and Barnett would be fun to see.
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