In the Locker Room with "TKO"

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In the Locker Room with "TKO"

Post  Spaz on Thu Jul 17, 2008 7:32 pm

Reporter: I am here with Josh "TKO" Tiko after a win in the main event of AFC 3. So how do you feel the fight went tonight?
Josh Tiko: Well I got hit more than I wanted to but I was still able to come up with the win so I'm happy.

Reporter: What do you have to say about your opponent Jason Steroid?
Josh Tiko: Jason Steroid hits freakin HARD! I thought he was joking about taking steroids but man was I mistaking. I know we had some bad blood before the fight but now I respect him a lot as a fighter.

Reporter: Jason Steroid said after the fight that he could not believe the ref didn't stop the fight. What are your thoughts about that?
Josh Tiko: Well I just think he is letting off some steam about his loss which is understandable. But come on be real here, yeah I was hurt but I was not KOed and I still was able to submit him while being hurt so I think the ref made a good decision.

Reporter: Now that you have beaten your supposed hardest competition who is next for you?
Josh Tiko: Well I plan on fighting Steroid down the road again, but as of now I don't know who I am going to fight. Whitson and Robinson both had great debuts so maybe one of them is my next challenge.

Reporter: We have heard some rumors about problems within The Lethal Dragons. Can you tell us anything about this subject?
Josh Tiko: Well yes The Lethal Dragons are going through a hard time right now. We just loss Amir Sadollah as a member because he has started his own gym. So I would like to wish him good luck and also congrats on his first win. And also after long consideration I have decided to kick Keith Kimber out of the team because he needs to take fighting seriously if he is going to waste our time training him. But we have already recruited a new member and are looking for 1 more so we will be back in no time.

Reporter: Thank you for your time.

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