Roid Rages pre afc 3

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Roid Rages pre afc 3

Post  jasonsteroid on Mon Jul 14, 2008 12:50 pm

Interveiwer: So, Jason Steroid, you finally have a main event match, how do you feel about it?

Steroid: How do I feel, I feel screwed over that it took managment this long to give me one. I should have been main event in the second fight if not the first!

Interveiwer: Well you are matched up against Josh Tiko, how have you been training?

Steroid: Training, what the hell is that. ever since I came here I have not trained for fighting a single day. all I do is hit the 'roids and hit the weights. That is why I have such incredible strength. But once I put Tiko in the ground he will want to buy from me to get the results that I do from fighting!

Interveiwer: Wait, you openly admit to using steroids?

Steroid: My parents moved to Russia when I was little, it is perfectly legal there. I come to America to fight, so that I can show these people the light. Think of me as the messenger of steroids. But come Thursday, These steroids are going to introduce Tiko to a whole new level of pain because he is just another one of those PURIST VITAMIN POPPING PUSSIES!!! This interveiw is done!!!


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