General Error on Website

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General Error on Website

Post  Admin on Sun Jul 13, 2008 9:12 am

I know that yesterday there was a major problem with the website in that you could not read any topics or PMs and you could not write any posts or PMs. I understand how frustrating this was for you guys because it was very frustrating for me as well. In fact I was updating the roster when all of a sudden the error occurred. As the error continued for hours I began to research what the problem could be and realized that this website was not the only one with a general error and in fact thousands of forums were down. You see I found out that the servers crashed for which caused thousands of forums that are connected to forumandco to become inactive. But now the website is up again with no problems so everything will continue to run as planned. For future reference though if the servers were ever to crash again I will give you guys the speech forumandco gave me, "Just stay patient and your forum will be up shortly". Once again I apologize for this inconvience.


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