"TKO" Reflects on AFC 2

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"TKO" Reflects on AFC 2

Post  Spaz on Thu Jul 10, 2008 7:17 pm

Reporter: I am here with once again a victorious Josh Tiko after an impressive win in AFC 2. So how do you feel you did in your fight?
Josh Tiko: I am very pleased with my performance tonight, unlike in AFC 1. Tonight I just went in there and won the fight without getting hurt so it was a perfect night.

Reporter: We can't really say the same thing for your opponent Steven Floyd now can we?
Josh Tiko: No, unforunately his neck was injured while I was choking him. I did not have any intention of injuring him so severely but the way I figure it is it was either him or me.

Reporter: Keith Kimber, a member of your gym also hurt his opponents neck. So is that how The Lethal Dragon trains, to injure people?
Josh Tiko: No, we do not train to injure people but we do train to win, and tonight those two things came as a package deal.

Reporter: Speaking of your gym how did you feel the members of The Lethal Dragon performed tonight?
Josh Tiko: Well obviously I was not pleased with John or Amir's performances because I felt they could have won their fights but you learn most from your losses so their losses could be a blessing in disguise for each of them.

Reporter: Tonight Tengu Ninjitsu went 5-0. What are your thoughts on that?
Josh Tiko: Well I would like to congratulate them on such a great achievement and our gym will use it as an inspiration to train harder so we might accomplish it as well.

Reporter: Well I know you have said you will fight anyone but is there anyone you have in mind?
Josh Tiko: I think it is kind of obvious that Steroid and I should fight in the cage next. I feel like he right now is the #1 HW in AFC and I want to take that honor away from him.

Reporter: Thank you for your time.

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