John Pre AFC2 event

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John Pre AFC2 event

Post  John bowling on Thu Jul 10, 2008 8:28 am

Interviewer: So john how are you prepared for this fight?
John: well to be honest i have been training like any other fighter.
Interviewer: So nothing special for this fight?
John: Nope last week everyone expected me to tap out. Yet what happened? I started the fight and knocked the guy out in 18 seconds. So why would i do anything special?
Interviewer: So your starting to sound kinda cocky.
John:I won my first fight in 18 seconds and no one else could do that.
Interviewer: Are you dissapointed you did not get to fight colm murphy?
John: You know to honest i think Colm should be fighting me as the co-main event that would be best for this company. Yes i am dissapointed.
Interviewer:So how are the lethal dragons? You joined them right after AFC 1.
John: There great they gave me some tips to help me and helped me get a strategy for this fight.
Interviewer: So how will this match end?
John:Well if his takedowns are up to par then i will knock him out on the mat if they are not ill knock him out on our feet. haha.
Interviewer: So i guess your going for knockouts?
John: you know if i see a chance for a submission then ill take it but most likely it will be a knockout.
Interviewer:Well thank you for your time john.
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