READ! Important Aspects of the game

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READ! Important Aspects of the game

Post  Admin on Thu Jun 12, 2008 12:11 pm

Before you make your fighter be sure to read the following frequent asked questions about this game:

Q: How are fights determined?
A: Through a fight simulating software called "No Holds Barred".

Q: Is there any restrictions on the height of your fighter?
A: A: You can be from 5'6" to as tall as you want but there are consequences. The taller you make yourself the less skill your fighter will have.

The starting height for every division:
LW=5'6" MW=5'10" HW=6'2"
For every inch you want to add to your fighter's starting height it will cost you 2 attribute points out of your original 90. For instance, if you wanted to become a 6'8" LW you would be given 62 attribute points instead of the full 90.

Q: What are the weight classes?
A: For now there will be only HW, MW, and LW because of the few amount of people in the website. But if those weight classes begin to get too crowded then more weight classes will be created.

Q: Can I have more than one fighter?
A: You can only have one fighter per username, but if you have more than one email address than feel free to create more fighters.

Q: How many organizations are there going to be?
A: I plan on having 3 professional organizations that compete against each other and 1 amateur organization where fighters can get experience.

Q: How do I fight in a organization?
A: To fight in a organization you must be in talks with the owner and sign a fight contract. If you would like to see how fight contracts work check out the Rules for owners forum.

Q: Can I max out on all the attributes?
A: No, all fighters all limited to only 145 attribute points including the 90 given to you when you create your fighter.

Q: Do fighters age in this game?
A: Yes. All fighters when they start their career start at age 20 and for every month that passes by in real life in counts as a whole year.

Q: When are fighters forced to retire?
A: Fighters are never forced to retire, but once they hit the age of 35 they are not allowed to train anymore and they slowly start losing skill points. So it is up to you when it's time to hang up your gloves.

Q: How many times can you fight?
A: You can fight once every week.

Q: What is Fame?
A: Fame is a grading system that puts your fighter between 1-5 stars. 1 star meaning that your fighter is completely unknown by the public and 5 star meaning everyone knows you. By having more stars it makes you more valuable to organizations. The only way to increase your amount of stars is to be active on the forums and do interviews and possibly trash talking.

Q: How do I increase my stats?
A: Training is probably the most complex part about this game. Basically you can choose to either train solo or train with a team. To get all the details go to the Training Thread.

Q: How do I come up with different strategies for my fights?
A: Go to the Roster forum and look at your opponent's scouting section. Here you can kind of get an idea about what your opponent's strengths are and what his/her weaknesses are. Then you can come up with an appropriate strategy.

Q: In the scouting section what do the letters mean?
A: The letters are a grading system. C= 2-4, B= 5-7, A= 8-10. EX: If a fighter had a 6 in conditioning he would be given a B on the scout report.


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